Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 Biggest Libraries in the World

Library of congress:
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, is known as one the biggest library in US. It stocks 30.000.000 books from many languages and many disciplines.

National Library of China:
It is Situated in Beijing, National Library of China is one the renown icon of the city. It stocks 22 millions books.

Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences:
It is located in the hearth of St Petersburg collects more then 20 millions books from thousand disciplines and the book are not only in written Russian language.

National Library of Canada:
National Library of Canada is famous for its modern construction and easy-to-access location. It is located in Ottawa city of Canada.The number of books available on this library is 18.800.000 collections.

German National Library:
German National Library is government property and it is located in the Capitol city of stocks 18.500.000 so far.

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