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A List of Common English Abbreviations

Letters and correspondence

a.s.a.p² as soon as possiblep.p.per pro (through the agency of)
Attn.For the attention of pspostscript
c.c.copies to (carbon copies)PTOplease turn over
cf.comparerein the mater of
e.g.exempli gratia (for example) ppage
f.o.a.for the attention ofRSVPplease reply
fyifor your information u/mundermentioned
hdbkhandbook w. ref.with reference to est (that is)x ref.cross reference
inc.including Yrs.Yours (sincerely/faithfully …)
n/anot applicable toNBnote well

In the office

AGMAnnual General Meetingkbd keyboard
CEOChief Executive Officer Man.Dir.Managing Director
a.o.b.any other businessplcpublic limited company
assoc.association pt-tmpart time
CVcurriculum vitae R&DResearch and Development
est.establishedVDUvisual display unit
exec.executiveWPword processor
ext.extension (phone number) Xer.Xerox™
hdwhardware (computer)HoDHead of Department

Finance and banking

a/ccurrent of tax
a/cs payaccounts payableGDPGross Domestic Product
a/cs recaccounts receivablen/cno charge
bfbrought forwardo/doverdraft
b.o.m.bill of materials (goods)o.n.o.or nearest offer
B/Pbills payableqr.Quarterly (accounts)
B/Sbill of saleS/Rsale or return (goods)
cfcarried forwardstat.Statistics on be arranged
D/adeposit accountT/Oturnover
finfinance/financialVATValue Added Tax of chargexsexpenses


C&ECustoms & Excisemdsemerchandise
C/OCertificate of Originp&ppostage and packing
d/odelivery orderp.p.i.parcel post insured
ETAestimate time of arrivalgtdguaranteed
ToDTime of deliveryJOJob Order

(2NOTE: There are some variations regarding full stops. For example, you will see both a.s.a.p. and asap.)

English punctuation

.full stop (UK), period (US), dot in computer language “”




“ ”quotation marks

‘ ’single quotes

!exclamation mark

?question mark

@ampersand, at in computer language






§paragraph sign

( )brackets

{ }curved brackets

[ ]square brackets


ä,ö,üumlaut = (vowel) mutation

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