Thursday, January 24, 2013

American Goosefish


American Goosefish | The American goosefish is described as largely a mouth with attached tail. A member of the family Lophiidae of deep-sea angler fish, the ugly, bottom-dwelling species of temperate waters is not a targeted gamefish, but occasionally caught by fishermen deep water below. More than two dozen species of angler fish exist worldwide, with American goosefish among them the biggest fish. American goosefish is also called Goosefish, American anglerfish, All-mouth or Fishing frog. It is native to the eastern coast of North America. It is found on sandy soils, gravel, shell fragments, mud and clay.sand soils, gravel, shell fragments, mud and clay.

Scientific classification
Kingdom:     Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Class:     Actinopterygii
Order:     Lophiiformes
Family:     Lophiidae
Genus:     Lophius
Species:     L. americanus

The American goosefish is dark brown, mottled with dark spots and blemishes. It has almost armlike pectoral is about halfway between its strongly flattened body. Small gill openings are behind them. The head is very large for its body size, and the mouth is cavernous, filled with sharp, curved teeth, and opening up. At the tip of the first spine is a flap of flesh that serves as a decoy to attract small fish within reach of the mouth graspingn. When the prey comes close enough, the American goosefish opens his big mouth and sucks his victim inside.

American goosefish have seen chocolate brown above, varied and finely mottled with pale and dark. The dorsal fins, the upper sides of the pectoral fins and tail are of a darker shade of same color as the back, except for nearly black at the ends, while the entire bottom of the fish is white or dirty white. Sometimes it is said, the top is dotted with white spots, but we have not seen any marked that way. Tiny described as mottled and speckled with green and brown.

The growth rate of American goosefish is fairly rapid and similar for both sexes until about four years, when about 19 cm long. After this, the women a little faster and seem to live longer, about 12 years, growing to just over 39 inches. Their maximum weight is 50 kilos, and the all-tackle world record is 49 pounds, 12 ounces. Sexual maturity occurs between the ages of 3 and 4. Spawning occurs from spring to early autumn, depending on latitude. Females lay a nonadhesive, mucoid floating egg raft or veil, which can be large as 39 meters long and 5 meters wide.

The American goosefish is an ambush predator. Most of his time on the sea floor partially covered with sediment waiting for suitable prey to pass. It can slow or "walk" swim with the help of his pectoral fins. The diet normally consists of fin and ray fish, squid, octopus and occasionally carrion. The meat of the monkfish is mainly located in the body, less in the "shoulders" and cheeks. The flesh is very white and moist, and was fairly firm when cooked. It is served in both soups and grilled, and is similar in texture to the meat of crustaceans. Boneless fillets are thick and like crab or lobster tail. Experts believe that the liver is also excellent. The fish is covered with a smooth, scaleless, elastic skin, where another thin membrane covering edible flesh.

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