Thursday, January 24, 2013


Priacanthidae | Priacanthidae, the Bigeyes, family Includes 18 species of marine fish. "Catalufa" is the common name for the second year of some family members Priacanthidae. The origin of the scientific name ("prioo-" to bite + "akantha" thorns) Refers to the family very rough, spined scales. The common name of "bigeye" In the eyes refers to a species' unusually wide, which fit their lifestyles and carnivorous night. Typically Priacanthidae bright red color, mark Have some patterns in silver, dusky, brown or black. Most species reach a maximum total length of about 30 cm (12 in), although a few species A over pieces of 50 cm (20 in.) is known.

Most members of this family are native to tropical and subtropical share the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the purpose oven aussi species (japonicus Cookeolus, Heteropriacanthus cruentatus, Priacanthus arenatus and Pristigenys Alta) in the Atlantic. They are tend to live near rock outcroppings or reefs, deserted for A little known to open waters. Many species found in relatively deep water; achievable depths below normal scuba diving. Some species are fishing as fish food. The Earliest Fossil approbation Priacanthidae dates back to the middle Eocene epoch of the Tertiary période lower, around 40-50000000 gold years ago.

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