Sunday, June 2, 2013

Different Kinds of Ocean

The different kinds of ocean within the universe like this in the ‘Siddhantasiromani” an astrological regulation. Within the universe in different places or in different planets there are different kinds of oceans also such as

(1) Saline ocean,
(2) Lactic ocean,
(3) Curdic ocean,
(4) Fatty ocean,
(5) Saccarine ocean,
(6) Vinum ocean and
(7) Pure aquatic ocean.

So there are seven different kinds of oceans out of which we have only experience of the Saline ocean on earth.

In the Laghubhagabatamritam there is reference of this ocean of milk while describing all about Vishnu. It is said there as follows: “On the top of Rudraloka (the planet which, occupied by Lord Shiva) another planet with circumference of five hundred billions of miles called by the name Vishnuloka, which is almost inaccessible by any mortal being. And above this on the top of Sumeru there is a great saline ocean in the midst of which there is a golden island called by the name Mahavishnuloka. This oceanis sometimes visited by great personalities like Brahma and others. In that golden island Lord Vishnu and His consort Laksmi sleep on the (?) of Sesha continually for four months.

On the eastern side of Sumeru there is another sea of milk in which there is white city where the Lord can be seen sitting on a throne of Sesha accompanied by His consort Lakshmiji. In that residence also during four months of rainy season, the Lord takes rest asleep. The Setadwipa in the milk white ocean is just situated on the south of this range of Saline ocean. The area of that Setadwipa is calculated to 200,000 miles. This island is transcendentally beautiful with all desired trees and decorations for pleasing the Lord Vishnu and His consort.

It is understood from various Vedic literatures that just as there is the ocean of salt water on this planet, there are various kinds of oceans on other planets. Somewhere there is an ocean of milk, somewhere there is an ocean of oil, and somewhere there are oceansof liquor and of many other types of liquids.

There are different kinds of oceans, we learn from sastra. We have got experience of the salted ocean, but there are many otheroceans, just like milk ocean and ghee ocean, oil ocean and yogurtocean.

There are, we get this information from the sastra. There are other planets where there is sweet water ocean and liquor ocean and butter ocean so many different types.

The ocean of oil, you have got experience in this planet. Within the earth you are getting some… Your civilization depending, your motor car civilization is depending on that ocean of oil. You are getting oil and lavishly spending it. Stock is supplied by ALLAH. Your material advancement will be finished if the stock is not supplied by the ALLAH.

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